Finished Revising Book§

Latest Printings

It took about a month, but I finished revising my novel. Each week I had the printer send me a copy to see my progress: you can see them in this photo, going from left to right. It went from 600 down to 350 pages. It’s now tighter and a much better read. As part of my revisions, I checked for continuity. This is particularly necessary since this novel is two stories intertwined. I had to ensure events happen in the proper order and each story doesn’t disturb the intrigue of the other.

I also improved the quality of the characters. Initially, all of them seemed to be Italians, since I wrote it in Italy. I changed the nationality, ethnicity, background, education, dialect, and other aspects of many of them to align with their location and role in the stories.

Needless to say, I feel very good about this new novel. Now my editors, Andy Oram and Elena Kartushina will begin editing it. Hopefully, they’ll be able to finish by the end of the summer. They’ll probably have many changes and suggestions for me to do. If all goes quickly and well, it should be published by early November.